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The Hidden Power Of Office Cleaning

Office cleaning goes far beyond a quick hoover and dust - it can have a huge impact on productivity and health for your employees. READ MORE

Office Cleaning On A Budget

Trying to clean your office on a budget? Check out Virtu's top tips for a clean office! READ MORE

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Top 5 Things That Must Be Done For A Clean Office

Struggling to keep on top of your office cleaning? Here are 5 things to prioritise when cleaning your office space. READ MORE

10 Ways Office Cleaners Can Improve The Work Environment

Considering hiring an office cleaner? Here are 10 ways office cleaners can improve your work environment and add value to your business. READ MORE

What You Need To Know About Caretaker Services

The help of a property caretaker can truly transform the way you run your development - here's what you need to know about caretaker services. READ MORE

Too Small To Handle? Odd Jobs That Landlords Simply Love To Hate

Is your list of pending odd jobs building up and causing you stress? Here are the eight odd jobs that burden landlords across the UK, and why! READ MORE

Why Should I Use A Subcontractor For Reactive Maintenance?

Subcontractors can be an invaluable contact, especially when sudden maintenance issues arise. Here's why you should contact a subcontractor to deal with any reactive maintenance problems. READ MORE

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Do I Need Maintenance For My Vacant Property?

Portfolio investors are often faced with the dilemma of whether or not to schedule regular maintenance for their properties, despite them sometimes being vacant. Here's why such maintenance is so important! READ MORE

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How Important Are Cleaning Services?

Considering using professional cleaning services throughout your development? Here's why they are worthwhile... READ

Importance of Shared Spaces in Modern Residential Developments

Modern residential developments are evolving at a fast pace as property trends ebb and flow: from rooftop running tracks, upscale restaurants and state-of-the-art cinemas all being included in the same complex, it’s easy to see the appeal of properties that can offer so much more than just a place to eat and sleep. READ MORE

The Importance of Biodiversity in Planning

With the impact we're having on the environment becoming increasingly concerning, developers have started to consider future-proofing their projects by planning the inclusion of biodiverse green spaces in their developments READ MORE

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Decorating, Repairing and Maintaining your Buy-to-Let Property

Property investment and renovation television shows, paired with last year’s stamp duty holiday, have inspired an influx of Brits to start purchasing buy-to-let properties. As fun as binge-watching Homes Under the Hammer may be, there is far more complexity to repairing, decorating, and maintaining your buy-to-let property READ MORE

Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?

Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?

A well-maintained communal area or shared garden is far more important than merely being aesthetically pleasing – in fact, proper grounds maintenance can transform your development’s value, reputation, and the quality of life for its residents. READ MORE

Why Property Owners Want More Outdoor Space

Why Property Owners Want More Outdoor Space

Well-maintained outdoor spaces can add value to our lives via enriching our mental health, but they also add monetary value to our properties. A recent study by the AA concluded that a well-maintained garden can boost the value of your property by up to 5 per cent. READ MORE

Virtu support Charity

Virtu Support Baby Loss Charity

A team from leading expert Property Maintenance and Grounds Management firm, Virtu Property rolled up their sleeves to help transform the new headquarters of Birmingham charity The Lily Mae Foundation. READ MORE