Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?

Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?

A well-maintained communal area or shared garden is far more important than merely being aesthetically pleasing – in fact, proper grounds maintenance can transform your development’s value, reputation, and the quality of life for its residents. That’s why in this piece, we’ll be considering the question “Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?” and the value that grounds maintenance can add to your development, both in terms of financial value and convenience value.

What Is Grounds Maintenance?

In short, grounds maintenance is the umbrella term for the upkeep of communal grounds, particularly outdoor spaces. This can constitute every day, regular tasks such as hedge trimming and lawn mowing, to more seasonal tasks such as weed removal and leaf blowing. In some cases, grounds maintenance involves more heavy-duty, one-off tasks such as tree surgery, or more extensive landscaping.

The Value of Grounds Maintenance

In recent research carried out by Post Office Money, carrying out outdoor landscaping can boost the value of a single property by up to 77 per cent, which is far more than a kitchen renovation or extension could add. A similar study conducted in America noted that well-maintained communal spaces had a significant positive impact on nearby property values, with freshly regenerated grounds being the most beneficial to nearby properties. The same principle applies to adding value via consistent grounds maintenance – keeping communal gardens looking as good as new will keep property values consistently high. Whether you’re looking to keep mutual spaces in your neighbourhood in pristine condition, or you’re searching for a way to boost the appeal of your development’s communal spaces, you’re sure to add value to nearby properties by taking care of their related outdoor spaces.

Beyond the statistical evidence that well-maintained grounds add monetary value to nearby properties, it’s important to consider the other ways in which cared for communal spaces impact the lives of residents within your development. An environment that is obviously well-maintained and continually monitored to ensure its safety, cleanliness and aesthetic value can create a sense of pride within local communities, which in turn translates to a better reputation for your development and your company. What’s more, your neighbourhood or development will undoubtedly become more sought-after by tenants and buyers alike if they feel that their money is not only going towards a high-quality living space, but well-catered grounds.

The Problem With Grounds Maintenance

Although proper grounds maintenance is undeniably beneficial for developers and residents alike, the creation of a beautiful outdoor environment is far from easy. In-house grounds maintenance can lead to a slew of complications…

What’s the solution?

Rather than taking on the burden of grounds maintenance yourself, we recommend outsourcing to a third-party agent to complete the work on your behalf. By using a company such as Virtu, you can guarantee that your maintenance tasks will be carried out by qualified professionals with all of the necessary tools and equipment to produce a high-quality finish. As experts in their field, a grounds maintenance specialist will be able to provide you with the best advice regarding the general upkeep of your communal spaces, which includes scheduling regular maintenance visits to keep your mutual grounds in top shape.

Allowing an an experienced team such as Virtu to carry out your grounds maintenance also has broader implications. Residents at nearby or associated properties will feel as if they are getting better value for money by living in a neighbourhood that is being regularly maintained by professionals, which results in better resident satisfaction and fewer complaints. This can even result in the attraction of more residents into your neighbourhood or development as existing residents will be more likely to recommend their accommodation, and passers-by will be impressed by the good condition of the communal spaces your development has to offer.

Better yet, our Virtu portal is accessible to residents, leaseholders and developers alike so that individual queries and requests can be made directly to us, therefore bypassing the bureaucracy of contacting estate agencies or councils to get your problems fixed quickly. This allows you to focus on your other priorities whilst we focus on your grounds maintenance.

The Virtu Difference

Virtu’s grounds maintenance service goes beyond merely cutting your lawns or removing weeds from your communal spaces. We believe that your outdoor spaces are equally as important as the bricks and mortar of your homes and developments, which is why we offer comprehensive, tailored grounds maintenance and landscaping packages for all of our clients. Whether you’re responsible for a small portion of mutual ground, or a large estate or development, we have a solution to your ground’s maintenance woes. So if you’re asking yourself the question, “Does Grounds Maintenance Add Value To My Development?” then we think we can help. For more information on how Virtu can help transform the way you look at grounds maintenance, contact us using the form below:

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