Too Small To Handle? Odd Jobs That Landlords Simply Love To Hate

Being a landlord is no easy feat, especially when you are burdened with an abundance of recurrent odd jobs that seem to be never ending. As property maintenance specialists, Virtu tackle a variety of jobs, and understand which tasks really irk our landlord clients – here are the top eight odd jobs that landlords love to hate:

Jammed Locks

Whether your key is stuck and won’t turn, your lock mechanism simply won’t work, or your access fob is faulty – there are plenty of potential errors when it comes to jammed locks. Jammed locks are probably the most urgent issue when it comes to minor maintenance tasks, with tenants needing vital access to their home, especially if they have to work from home or have pets that need attending to. Thankfully, these access issues can usually be fixed in no time by a seasoned locksmith, but during the time it takes to hire a professional most landlords will undoubtedly be receiving endless calls and messages from their stressed tenants.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are extremely common, with most seasoned landlords having received a complaint about a blocked bathroom fitting at one point. After all, there’s only so many times you can use a plunger and drain unblocker fluid, especially if your cistern is recessed into the wall behind. As such, it’s no wonder that landlords love to hate maintenance requests about dodgy toilets!

Appliance Errors

From fridges to freezers, dishwashers to ovens, we’ve all experienced errors with our household appliances. According to Consumer Reports, the most common appliance issues are faulty ice dispensers, inadequate oven heating, poorly functioning dishwashers, and mould in washing machines. These problems with kitchen and laundry appliances can stop your tenants from being able to live a regular life and can make them feel increasingly disgruntled if they cannot cook and wash properly.

Drips And Leaks

Recurrent drips and leaks can be a significant burden on landlords, but they could spell much more significant trouble in the long run. A small, pesky leak can quickly snowball into creating broader damp and mould issues, issues with guttering and – in the very worst case scenario – can result in flooding. So, no matter how annoying requests to fix recurrent leaks may be, it is vital that you deal with these issues as soon as possible with a long-term solution, that doesn’t just stop frequent maintenance requests, but saves you time and money in the long run.

Faulty Lighting

Landlords love to hate maintenance requests about faulty lighting! 34% of tenants under 25 would call their landlords about a faulty lightbulb rather than changing it themselves, even though lightbulbs are typically the responsibility of the tenant. However, certain light fixtures are much more difficult to replace than your ordinary lightbulb – recessed lighting and flush mount ceiling fixtures require finesse to replace, hence why many tenants will contact their landlord or property management agency for assistance.

Guttering Repairs

When harsh weather comes along such as excessive rain, snow or storms, your property’s guttering will likely suffer. It can become littered with leaves and debris that can cause blockages and overflow, which can result in leaks that can come through the walls to your property and cause lasting damage. Snow and ice can also wreak havoc on your gutters by causing ice dams which may lead to splits and breakages in your guttering, which may require replacing your entire guttering system at great cost. So, the next time your tenants contact you about potential issues with their gutters, don’t delay!

Handles And Hinges

Although issues with handles and hinges may sound minor in theory, they can actually be extremely impactful to a tenant’s experience at your property. They can impede your ability to enter the property and can make living in your property unsafe in the event of an emergency such as a fire – after all, escaping from your property becomes immensely difficult if you physically cannot open the doors to exit.

Technical Difficulties

WiFi not working? Television signal failing? Ring door camera looking blurry?

Most landlords will have experienced some complaints regarding various technical appliances throughout their rental properties, even if the technology in question does not belong to the landlord but was brought into the unit by the tenant. With technology being such a vital aspect of our day to day lives, especially for those working from home, these technical difficulties can cause plenty of distress for tenants.

Virtu – Your Partner In Property Maintenance

At Virtu, we’ve tackled every type of maintenance issue and a plethora of odd jobs. From jammed locks to dodgy washing machines, broken handles to faulty guttering, we’re familiar with it all! We also understand that these minor inconveniences can disrupt your tenant’s ability to enjoy their time at your property, and can cause landlords unnecessary stress.

If you find yourself burdened with odd jobs at your properties that are building up and causing you worry, get in touch with the team at Virtu today. With decades of experience, our property maintenance specialists are on hand to provide long-term maintenance solutions that can save you time, money, and stress so that you can sit back and reap the benefits of your property portfolio without the hassle.