Why Should I Use A Subcontractor For Reactive Maintenance?

Having a subcontractor in your contact book can make your life as a landlord and property owner far simpler, especially when it comes to reactive maintenance. They offer reliable professional services to deal with most maintenance issues, and can alleviate the stress on both yourself and your tenants when sudden problems arise. Here’s why you should use a subcontractor for any reactive maintenance problems:

What Is Reactive Maintenance?

Simply put, reactive maintenance is about quickly and effectively responding to maintenance issues as soon as they occur. Some property problems cannot be predicted or prevented, and these issues require a swift response to reduce any downtime and disruption to your tenants’ lives. Unlike proactive maintenance, which anticipates potential maintenance issues and aims to address them before they become too problematic, reactive maintenance is far harder to anticipate.

Why Use A Subcontractor?

With the nature of reactive maintenance being so hard to anticipate and plan for, a subcontractor can be a great help to ensure that your response to urgent maintenance issues is as swift as possible. Here are four reasons why a subcontractor can transform your ability to respond to reactive maintenance issues:

Industry Professionals

Subcontractors are industry professionals that deal with maintenance issues day in, day out, allowing them to come up with the ideal solution to your maintenance problem. They form a reliable point of contact to help you deal with your maintenance issues as soon as they arise and can give you and your tenants advice on how to mitigate any further damage.

Speedy Response

Reactive maintenance requires lightning-fast responses to ensure that your property does not experience increasingly severe damage as time passes, and to ensure that your tenants can get back to living as they were without ongoing problems. Subcontractors will liaise with both landlords and tenants as quickly as possible in order to arrange access to the property in question before carrying out the works. Time is of the essence in these scenarios, with subcontractors often having to attend the property numerous times to take the relevant measurements, assess which materials may be required, and then to complete the necessary works. At Virtu, we are particularly proud to employ a range of local contractors who understand the neighbourhoods and communities we deal with inside out, allowing us to get to your property quickly and respond to your problem with immediate effect.

Cost Effective

Rather than having you or your tenants carry out a temporary fix to your maintenance issues, employing a subcontractor to do the job properly can help you save money in the long run by ensuring that your problems do not recur. Subcontractors are professional experts with the ability to get your maintenance issue fixed first time, so you don’t have to waste time or money coming up temporary fixes that may not work in the long term.

Time Management

As a landlord, your diary is probably hectic. You may have a full-time job on top of having a portfolio of properties, may be new to rental property management, or may even be on a well-deserved holiday. Either way, you can’t always be on call to deal with reactive maintenance issues, which is why it is so important to have a contractor on hand to help your tenants when they need it most. This can provide peace of mind for you and your tenants and gives you more time to focus on your other commitments.

What Jobs Can A Subcontractor Help With?

Different subcontractors will be able to respond to different issues within various time periods. At Virtu, we are committed to providing a speedy service for a vast range of maintenance problems, be they severe or minor.

We aim to respond to maintenance problems that could severely impact someone’s tenancy within 24 hours. These include lock repairs and changes; leaks; removal of bulk waste; replacement or repair of smoke alarms; and the replacement of door handles. We give ourselves 48 hours to respond to issues regarding the replacement of toilet seats, light fittings and shower screens; repair of silicone sealants, shower heads and hoses; and the replacement of letterbox locks.

We can also arrange for larger jobs to be completed such as painting and decorating, and flooring or carpet removal and replacement, by liaising with tenants and landlords to find a suitable time to attend the property.

A Reactive Maintenance Service You Can Trust

At Virtu, we are committed to providing our clients with a service they can trust, allowing you to feel assured that your property is in the best hands. Our staff specialise in a broad range of services and are able to adapt to any request to provide results that work for you. We’ve helped landlords across the country grow their property portfolio from strength to strength with our unrivalled industry knowledge and results-driven team of property professionals, allowing our clients to spend less time preoccupied with property maintenance and more time focusing on the things that matter to them. For more information on Virtu’s industry leading team and how we can help you, please contact us via the form below:

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