How Important Are Cleaning Services?

Debating whether to invest in a professional cleaning service for your development? Cleaning services can be truly transformative to properties and communal spaces within your buildings, and are of vital importance if you’re wanting to keep your properties looking and performing their best. Here at Virtu, we are proud to provide exceptional comprehensive cleaning services to our clients, many of whom have already reaped the benefits of a well-maintained development.Here’s why premium cleaning services make such a difference.

Cleaner Properties Are Worth More

A study carried out by Rated People concluded that unpleasant smells, clutter and dirt could severely impact the value of the average home, in some cases by over £50,000. Similarly, another survey revealed that 61%of homebuyers would present a lower offer on a unit if it was not cleaned to their standards. This is because any signs of your property being unkempt signals to prospective purchasers that you are lackadaisical regarding the upkeep of your unit, or the building it is in, which therefore warrants a lower offer. So, if you’re looking to amplify the value of your property, hiring a professional cleaner to maintain your communal areas and individual units can make a substantial difference.

Hygiene Is Key

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, hygiene has been under the microscope, with each of us paying more attention to personal hygiene and the cleanliness of our surroundings.

Regular professional cleaning can help eliminate dust mites and potential airborne allergens that can exacerbate hayfever, pet allergies, and other intolerances. It can also ensure that any mould does not develop and become more severe, as untreated mould can have severe implications for residents’ health, as well as being costly to fix.

Inspect Your Home

Routine cleaning services are a fantastic way to consistently and rigorously inspect your property, thereby keeping a close eye on any potential hazards or works that need to be completed. 

Communal cleaning services, such as the ones we offer at Virtu, take the onus away from property developers and concierge services by regularly inspecting garden spaces, kitchens, lounges and any other shared areas. Our cleaners are able to provide advice on how to tackle wear and tear in the long term, which can be escalated to your maintenance team, whilst simultaneously keeping your development spotless. This can contribute to long term cost savings if any issues are caught early on.


Cleaning services, specifically communal ones, indicate to residents that their development is being well-looked after and that their service charge is being used appropriately. It encourages residents to feel proud of the development they live in, and sets a good precedent to their visitors, thereby enhancing the reputation of the development and thereby the developer. After all, who is impressed by unkempt, dusty and cluttered communal spaces?

What’s more, a reliable cleaning service helps to remove the burden from residents to keep their communal spaces clean. Of course, all residents should be encourages to clean away their waste, but they will not have to worry about the long-term upkeep of their communal gardens and hallways as this will be taken care of by a separate body. A well presented development that is clean and tidy therefore enhances the quality of their stay and can lead to improved tenant retention and fewer complaints.

Premium Service

Professional cleaners offer a more premium service with more impactful results thanks to their years of dedicated skill. What’s more, cleaning services save you the hassle of  purchasing expensive cleaning equipment, as cleaners will typically use their own tools and equipment to clean each property – so put your tattered Henry Hoover aside and rest assured that your new cleaning service will efficiently and effectively clean your development!

Ready to get your development looking spick and span? 

At Virtu, we’re proud to be your local cleaning wizards! We are responsible for the upkeep of hundreds of properties across the UK, and are trusted by our clients to deliver exceptional results with each and every visit. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep clean, a COVID fogging procedure, or a regular cleaning team to keep your development looking fresh – we have the solution for you! Contact us below for more information on how Virtu can create a tailored cleaning solution for your development: 

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