Office Cleaning On A Budget

Are you an SME searching for cleaning services for your first office space? Or have your budgets tightened and you’re on the hunt for more cost-effective cleaning solutions? Here at Virtu, we are experts in office cleaning and commercial maintenance – here are our best tips for maintaining a pristine office on a budget!

Little And Often

Office cleaning is just like cleaning your own home – if you keep on top of things and schedule cleans little and often, you can avoid the stress of huge deep cleans after dirt, grime and clutter has accumulated. This isn’t to mention that incremental cleaning is far more cost effective than having to shell out huge sums for a deep clean when your office hasn’t been looked after. So, hiring a regular cleaning service for your office may seem like a financial burden when scheduled on a regular basis, but this can actually save you huge sums of money in the long run.

Stay On Top Of Things

Talking of undertaking small but regular tasks, it is important to encourage your staff to contribute to the overall cleanliness of the workspace where possible. This creates a sense of responsibility among your team of employees that makes them consider how they treat their office space, and encourages them to keep their workspaces clean and tidy. This applies to desk clutter, bins, washing up, and the sanitisation of desk areas.

This can also contribute to the cost-effectiveness of your outsourced cleaning company: with smaller tasks taken care off by staff, your professional cleaners will be able to focus on the larger tasks at hand, saving you time and money.

Prioritise Hygiene

It is important to encourage general hygiene practices where possible. In the post-covid era, many workplaces are becoming more relaxed when it comes to office hygiene: however, it is important to remind staff that illness can still spread if hygiene is not prioritised. Be sure to place hand sanitiser at appropriate increments across the office, provide antibacterial wipes for desktops and phones, and remain diligent when it comes to bugs and viruses.

This not only provides a safer work environment for your employees and clients, but can lead to better satisfaction at work and less time off work due to illness contracted in the workplace.

Find Solutions That Suit You

When searching for an office cleaning service on a budget, you will likely find many companies that offer ‘out of the box’ solutions for their clients. These are generic cleaning services that are carried out across an array of businesses in the same way and can include generic tasks such as hoovering, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and appliance sanitisation. These out of the box solutions have their merit if you are looking for a service that is basic and easy to arrange. However, opting for a tailored solution can not only allow you to achieve an optimal office clean, but can save you money in the long run.

Tailored solutions – such as the ones Virtu is able to offer – allow cleaning companies to work around your budget and prioritise the tasks that are the most important to you. After all, every business is different, and so is every office space, so why should they all be treated the same? If you know your staff struggle to stay on top of cleaning in communal areas, a tailored solution can prioritise these spaces for maximum impact. The same can be said for outdoor areas, meeting rooms, kitchen areas, hallways and stairwells – wherever your team spends the most time, or mess accumulates the most, a tailored service can prioritise.


Why Choose Virtu For Your Office Cleaning?

At Virtu, we offer something truly unique for those searching for cost-effective office cleaning solutions: that’s why we created CleanPlus+. Our comprehensive service means that we can provide all you need to stay on top of your office maintenance, all in one single package, saving you money in the long-run. No need to source a separate gardener or commercial caretaker: the Virtu team will handle this all for you. It’s commercial maintenance at its simplest! 

For further information on how CleanPlus+ can streamline your office maintenance with tailored solutions, simply fill out the form below to speak to a member of our team.

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