Introducing CleanPlus+, your hidden heroes in a world of messy offices.

CleanPlus+ from Virtu gives you the peace of mind that your office environment will be in tip-top condition. From ceilings to skirting boards, desks to waste bins, our team of experienced and reliable cleaning professionals precisely understand what a clean office means to you, your staff and your clients.

What is CleanPlus+?

CleanPlus+ is the complete office cleaning solution from Virtu. No two offices are the same – that’s why we agree on a comprehensive programme suited to your office requirements in advance, providing a solution tailored to your business’s needs.

We offer:

  • Internal & external window cleaning
  • Mopping & and floor care
  • Vacuuming (our Bissell vacuums mean you will not be disturbed)
  • Skirting boards/Trunking/Piping
  • Toilet and washroom cleaning
  • Dishwashers & Coffee machines
  • Replenishment of cleaning & washroom supplies (air fresheners, paper towels, soaps etc.)
  • Bin stores
  • Graffiti removal
  • Offices upkeep (desks, meeting rooms, communal spaces, receptions, kitchens)
  • Bulk Waste Removal
  • Caretaking services
  • Maintenance repairs

How does it work?

We start by working with you to tailor our services to your needs. This entails an initial site survey to understand your current standards and discuss your requirements.

Then, we produce a site matrix with all the relevant documentation required. The site file contains our agreed cleaning schedule, so you know exactly what our team of cleaning professionals will be doing and how often they will be at your premises. This provides continuity in the event of staff sickness or holiday (we’re human, after all!), so our mobile team can pick up where they left off.

We also tailor your cleaning rota depending on your needs, so we’ve got you covered whether you need full-time cleaners or just a couple of nights a week.

Our Care+ auditing system ensures we never miss a spot; with audits carried out regularly by senior team members, we can ensure that our standards are sky-high and consistently achieved.

What problems do we solve?

We Care+ about your standards.

To anyone else, an office is an office, but to us, it’s about your business, team and standards, and a dirty office says more about your values than you think. At Virtu, we believe that a quality cleaning service is key to making sure that your standards are visible – you take care of your team, your clients and your business, so why settle for less in your office clean?

We Care+ about service.

Our team of practical, seasoned experts will provide you with the service and consistency that you need from your office cleaning service. With an experienced mobile team operating across Birmingham from our custom-built cleaning and maintenance vehicles, we can be onsite within the hour. In addition, our team of office and site-based cleaners are on hand to attend to any unforeseen needs providing a much wider scope across Birmingham and the West Midlands, should you need any additional assistance.

We Care+ about quality.

In our world, just enough is never good enough. We take our reputation and yours seriously, so we consistently vet our high standards. Our Care+ Auditing system, based on agreed SLAs at your site and carried out regularly by senior members of the team, will ensure that standards are always kept high because we care+ about your standards. We’re picky about our teams and only select team members that meet our high standards, even then we also ensure all staff undertake a full induction process that meets our exact benchmarks, all of which means that you will receive consistency, reliability, and, more importantly, people that care+ as much about your office as you do.

But we can do more than just cleaning. The wider Virtu team can offer a full package of facilities management services, including removal of bulk waste, Maintenance repairs, Window cleaning and caretaking. Yes, we really can offer the full package; we are your team, on your side and here when you need us.

CleanPlus+ is exactly that, Cleaning+Care, because we care about your standards, and our team works tirelessly to put your office firmly in the spot(less) spotlight.

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